My mission is to be of service during times of transformation and transition.
When sitting in session together we create a sacred container. You and I become active observers. We tend to the places where you are experiencing dis-ease or a feeling of being ‘stuck’. We listen deeply, and discover the ‘energetic’ picture you are presently living. With spirits help, we walk courageously into dark places, and honor the precious jewels that are hidden there.

New Possibilities

My hope is how past patterned behaviors, core beliefs, and archetypes are living in you presently will become clear to you.
Negative and habituated thoughts can manifest physically in the body. This is experienced in our bodies as pain and emotional stress.

When we become aware and ‘unhook’ from these old patterns choice becomes available. Energy-work is an essential part of the healing process I practice. Specific energy techniques are used for clearing the energetic field. Energy work can dance behind the words, allowing movement, release, and an experience of ease. More space becomes available for your authentic voice allowing your radiance to shine.


I hold an intention of wholeness and work from a place of sacredness, prayer, love, appreciation, and gratitude. It is here renewed resource is found.

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eva in session

Eva in session

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Energy Moving Techniques

  • Illuminations: This is a key practice I use when clearing and balancing the energetic field. This technique is beneficial for releasing past patterns in your luminous body and lightening your load.

  • Soul Retrieval: Journeying on your behalf and calling back soul parts that have disembodied because of trauma, integrating 'new' soul parts that have returned, and aiding you to achieve renewed wholeness. This is generally a three-session event. Sandra Ingerman and Alberto Villoldo have both written good accounts of soul retrieval and the use of this potent modality in healing.

  • Body Scanning: Journeying with/to guidance on your behalf to unblock energy or other impediments that may be interfering with your emotional, physical, or spiritual health.

  • Destiny Tracking: Following threads thru other realities and times, finding paths toward your "highest possible becoming," and realigning your energetic patterning.
    Power Animal Retrieval: Aligning you with your spirit allies. This facilitates an inner wholeness.

  • Story Telling: Telling your life story. Listening. Finding where you are sourcing. What are new directions or paths hidden behind old messages?